SPS carries the SupaVac (TM) product line

Got a sticky situation? Clean it up with SupaVac™!

Service Pump & Supply carries SupaVac™ to help you tackle your toughest jobs

Got a really tough mess? We’ve got you covered! When it comes to cleaning up wastewater sludge or industrial or mining waste, you need the right pump for the job. Using an underpowered pump could end up costing you more in terms of both time and money.  Supavac™ pumps really live up to their name—they’re the superhero you need when you have a difficult project on your hands!

Supavac™  pumps have been used worldwide in a wide range of industries. All available models can tackle a variety of applications, including hazardous waste recovery, dam desilting, and tank and drain cleaning.  Check them out in action!

In a recent project using SupaVac™ products, one company tackled a project to clean and desludge a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) storage tank. Another company was awarded a contract to do the same thing with a different brand of tank in an identical size. Using traditional methods, the other company needed 19 people to complete the job. With SupaVac™, the job was finished in less time with only eight people!

Supavac™  pumps are designed to capture almost any type of flowable material, including sludges with solid materials in them like rags and bolts. To see this in action, check out the video below – it handles golf balls, gloves, and rope with ease!

Air-operated and with no rotating parts, Supavac™ pumps have been a reliable and effective choice since 1993. They are well-suited for use in hazardous areas because they are self-priming, require no electricity, and ensure that no moving parts come into contact with the material being pumped.

These powerful pumps really can tackle just about anything – including rocks:

When you need fast, heavy-duty cleanup, Service Pump & Supply carries the Supavac™  product line — contact us today to find out more!

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