SupaVac - When you need a pump that can handle fall leaves

SupaVac™: A Pump That Can Handle Fall Leaves

SupaVac™ pumps keep your water systems clear

As the temperatures — and leaves — continue to drop, now’s the time to keep your stormwater and wastewater drains free from excess debris. Too many leaves blocking critical drainage points can overwhelm and cause deterioration to your drainage systems. To keep your water systems clear, you need a pump that can handle fall leaves. And we’ve got just the solution.

A Pump that Can Handle Fall Leaves

Service Pump and Supply is proud to sell, rent, and service SupaVac™ pumps. These hard-working pumps capture nearly any type of material — from leaves and debris to sludge or small stones. Watch them in action here

 SupaVac™ pumps are air-operated and have no rotating parts, making them a reliable and practical choice. These self-priming pumps work without electricity and ensure that no moving parts contact the material being pumped. 

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When you need fast, heavy-duty cleanup, Service Pump & Supply carries the Supavac™  product line — contact us today to buy or rent!