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"We put service first" is not just a motto. It's the customer-focused philosophy at the heart of everything we do.

Service Pump & Supply has served customers in the Ohio River Basin and Appalachia since 1980. With operating centers in three locations and service stretching across the region, we are dedicated to helping our customers succeed through a data-driven approach to cutting costs, eliminating waste, and achieving operational efficiencies.

Our goal is to be the premier choice for customers who need the right products at the right price, delivered at the right time without compromising safety, quality or reliability.

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Service Pump & Supply is an industrial distributor of pumps, electric motors, controls, blowers, pipes, valves, and more. 

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Big data.

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SPS is among the first in the industry to provide our customers with a Predictive Maintenance Program (PMP) based on in-depth analysis of information gathered from pump repairs. 

What causes my pumps to fail? Do my pumps fail more often than other companies' in my industry? How can I prevent pump failures?

We crunch the numbers to answer these questions and more for our customers.

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