Service Pump and Supply creates custom truck washes.

We Build Custom Truck Washes

Clean and decontaminate your fleet with a rollover truck wash

At the end of a long day, your equipment might look a little worse for wear. But, don’t let dirt and debris on your trucks earn you expensive DOT and DOH fines. At Service Pump & Supply, we design and build truck washes to keep your fleet clean. 

We know hard work rarely happens in a sterile environment. Mud, rocks, and dust are just a few of the things that can cling to your trucks as you leave a job site. But with custom truck washes designed and created specifically for your fleet, you can ensure your vehicles are cleaned and decontaminated before they’re back on the road. 

Our customized truck washes provide the best wash for your vehicles with a simple to maintain and operate rollover system. We work with your team to provide the right wash and decontamination system for your job site. And our expert field service team is always available if you need an extra hand. 

Contact us today to get the right truck wash for your fleet. 

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