SPS creates customized floating barges that allow your pump system to be located directly on the water.

SPS Specializes in Custom Fabrication

Our fabrication shop creates customized float systems

When you have a problem, our expert team can help you solve it. We work with you to create custom turnkey solutions to your toughest problems. And we’re with you every step of the way — from conception to creation and installation. 

Our in-house fabrication shops can handle it all.

Floating Barge Pump Systems Customized for Your Needs

For example, when you need access to a pump directly on the water, our experienced team will work with you to custom-design a raft that meets your specifications. Our in-house fabrication shop builds custom barges, floating platforms, and pontoons to fit various pump designs. And because we custom-design each system we install, you’ll get exactly what you need. 

We can create a solution around an existing pump system or provide a pump that will best meet your needs. We will build walkways and skids to house the pumps so you can easily access your floating pump system. Once it’s created, our team will oversee the installation and be on-call 24/7/365.

Contact us today to start building your customized raft system.