City of Ashland Wastewater Plant Manager David Krueger

Unsung Heroes: David Krueger and the City of Ashland Wastewater Plant Team

27 Years of Service to the Community

For almost three decades, City of Ashland Wastewater Plant Manager David Krueger has worked tirelessly to keep his community safe and sanitary. 

In honor of SPS’s 40th anniversary, we’re celebrating individuals from throughout our communities who are working to solve water problems.

Wastewater Plant Operations 

Operating 24/7, the wastewater treatment plant processes all the wastewater delivered through the city’s collection system. David and his crew remain committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. They also coordinate pretreatment processes round-the-clock. 

Before managing the wastewater plant for the City of Ashland, David proudly served in the United States Navy. He spent his years aboard the USS Forrestal. 

After 27 years of dedicated service, David will be heading into retirement at the end of the year. Although he’s not one to be idle, David is excited about the opportunities retirement brings. His plans include spoiling his grandchildren and finding a part-time job. 

It has been a pleasure to work with David and the entire team at the City of Ashland Wastewater Plant. On behalf of everyone at Service Pump and Supply, we want to wish Dave nothing but the best in retirement. 

Recognizing Unsung Heroes: Local Water Workers and Champions

We want to know who is doing the unsung work in your community. Help us honor the often-overlooked folks who are going above and beyond to provide clean water and ensure responsible water management. Know someone who’s working to clean up waterways, prevent contamination, or provide access to clean drinking water? They deserve to be recognized!

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