Are your pumps ready for spring showers? Make sure with our Preventative Maintenance Checklist!

Spring Preventative Maintenance Tips

Your Guide to Spring Pump Maintenance 

Spring is the perfect time to prevent costly equipment failures and extend the life of your pumps with preventative maintenance.

Along with heralding new flowers and budding trees, spring rains can mean your pumps are working overtime. Make sure you’re up-to-date on all recommended quarterly maintenance. 

Download our free checklist to get a printable list of monthly, seasonal, and annual preventative maintenance tasks.

Spring Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Before you get started, follow all company policies, manufacturer’s recommendations and other safe practices (i.e. lockout/tagout, etc.), and wear proper PPE. 

  • Visually inspect pumps and any motor vents and windings for build-up from winter. 
  • Check for any unusual sounds and obvious leaks.
  • Make sure all electrical and motor terminations are tight.
  • Inspect starter/contactor for arcing, overheating, etc. 
  • Use a megohmmeter on the windings to check for insulation failure for low insulation readings.
  • Don’t forget any unused pumps or motors you have in storage. Spring is the perfect time to inspect them for signs of deterioration, including dust and dirt build-up, and rotate the shaft for lubrication redistribution.

Need some help? Our team is happy to pick up pumps or other equipment for repairs. And with our Predictive Maintenance Program, we use data from product use and failures to give you money-saving insights. 

Preventative Maintenance Services

We know your team is busy. If you’d like an extra hand managing your maintenance schedule, Service Pump and Supply’s Preventative Maintenance service may be a good fit for you. As part of our program, we’ll work with your team to identify a maintenance plan that makes sense for your company’s unique needs. Then our highly trained service technicians will make sure the work gets done. 

Request a FREE Maintenance Needs Assessment today!

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