Photo: Vertical Turbine Powered by Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

How a VFD-Controlled Turbine Slashed One Company’s Power Bill

SPS helped Letart increase energy efficiency and save money with a VFD and turbine system specifically designed for their needs

The Letart Corporation had unexpected spikes in their power bill. So they turned to Service Pump and Supply to find a solution. 

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Customized Turbine and VFD Solutions Save Energy — and Money 

We first worked with Letart to install a pump powerful enough to run the entire wash plant. Our team sized and installed a Goulds™ turbine to provide the power and scalability they needed. 

Our experts also installed a Toshiba™ AS3 250hp variable frequency drive (VFD) to work with the turbine. The addition of the VFD gave them access to enhanced controls. They also receive real-time data to continue optimizing the system’s performance.

The new system not only resolved the amperage and power issues, but Letart experienced significant savings on their power bill.

They say it’s “magic.”

To build on their savings, we recently installed a second 250hp Toshiba™ drive to run a slurry pump. Once fully integrated and running, Letart anticipates additional power savings and expects to upgrade more equipment across their sites. 

Is your equipment costing you more than it should on your utility bills? Contact us today for reliable and energy-efficient systems guaranteed to get the job done. 

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