Savage Grant President Patrick Farrell Named Chairman of the Marshall University Board of Governors

Patrick Farrell, the owner and president of Savage Grant, was recently named chairman of the Marshall University Board of Governors. Marshall University is a public research university located in Huntington, West Virginia, where Savage Grant is headquartered. 

“It’s important to us to give back to the communities where we do business,” Farrell said. “Because they aren’t just places of business. They’re our homes.” 

Farrell was appointed to a four-year term on the Marshall board in 2017. He assumed the chairmanship on July 1, 2020. 

“Like most other schools in the country, Marshall University is facing a public health crisis, a financial crisis, and widespread social unrest all at the same time,” Farrell said. “We need to find ways to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe in the midst of a deadly pandemic. We need to grapple with questions of justice and equality. And we need to deal with a historic economic downturn that will require us to make tough financial decisions. The Board of Governors will do everything we can to ensure the university and the community we serve emerges from these crises better and stronger.”

Savage Grant is the parent company of Service Pump & Supply.