Picture: Ice-covered trees fall across a powerline

Generator and Transfer Switch: The Power Couple You Need

Do You Have a Backup Plan for When the Power’s Out?

Our region is no stranger to harsh weather and power interruptions. So, when the power goes out, we all need a plan to keep things running. Backup generators are often the go-to solution — but they’re only half of the equation. You also need to ensure your electrical system is wired appropriately and includes a transition switch so that you can make use of your generator when you need it. When the electricity is out in multiple locations — and everyone needs temporary power — the necessary parts can be hard to come by. So, the best practice is to plan ahead and be prepared. One way to be proactive is to install transfer switches now to be ready for the next big event. 

A Transfer Switch: A Small Part That’s Easy to Overlook

A transfer switch is a small part that makes a big difference. But, in the rush of responding to a storm, it’s a component that people often forget. If you have a generator, you need a way to switch your system over to pull power from it instead of from the main electrical grid. By installing a transition switch, you can easily move from one power system to the other. 

This update will ensure you’re getting access to your generated power — and that you’re not inadvertently pumping excess power back to the grid. Creating this clean separation will not only save you money but could also save the lives of the linemen and women who are working to restore power to the area. 

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Many of these devices can even detect a power outage and turn your generator on automatically, ensuring you have minimal interruptions in service. Similarly, they can switch the generator off again when the power is restored. 

At Service Pump and Supply, our expert team members are on hand 24/7 for delivery and installation.  Our certified electricians can help you choose and install a complete system to keep things running when the unexpected occurs.  And, if your own backup systems aren’t enough, we have generators for rent to see you through. 

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