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Unsung Heroes: The Army Corps of Engineers

Unsung Heroes: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

When we think of “heroes,” members of the armed services frequently come to mind — and for good reason. But there are also thousands of military and civilian men and women serving our nation every day by protecting us from natural disasters and other local threats. 

These individuals don’t often make the nightly news, but they play a critical role in keeping our communities safe and our economy running.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is one such group. USACE employs some of the best engineering and construction minds in the world to solve some of our toughest environmental problems.

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USACE teams are responsible for managing and maintaining crucial infrastructure on our inland waterways and reservoirs including locks and dams, floodwalls, levees, and spillways. They monitor heavy rainfall and manage stormwater to prevent disasters from striking our communities. And they regulate the flow of our water resources to provide us with access to clean water. 

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At Service Pump, we’ve been privileged to support the work of USACE divisions in Huntington, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Nashville, and St. Louis. We’ve seen firsthand how hard they work (often behind the scenes) to keep us safe, healthy, and prosperous. So in honor of all they do, we’d like to take this opportunity to tip our hats to the enlisted and civilian service members of the Army Corps of Engineers.  On behalf of the entire Service Pump family, we offer sincere thanks and admiration for your service.

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