Available to Facetime

Still Working for You

Although the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused much of the nation to shut down, we know that most of our customers are still on the job. 
We appreciate that many of you are still out there making sure we have clean water to wash our hands. That you’re managing sanitation and wastewater systems to prevent further health crises. And that you’re diligently maintaining our warning systems and overflows to prevent stormwater damage during the coming spring rains. 
You are part of the critical infrastructure of our country, and your work is more important than ever in these difficult times. If you need an extra hand, we want you to know that we’re ready and eager to help. 

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Maintenance and Emergency Support

Every one of our team members has been trained to follow the recommended social distancing guidelines so we can continue being of service to our customers without jeopardizing their health. 
We know that you may be short-staffed over the next few months. Our pump, motor, and control technicians are on call 24 hours a day to help out with any emergencies you might face. We’re also available to provide preventative maintenance to ensure your operations continue running smoothly. 

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Facetime for Realtime Problem Solving

One of the things our customers say they value most is our ability to help them problem solve. And although we may not be able to drop by, we can still help you figure things out. Our team is available to Facetime or video chat if you need help working through a system issue or diagnosing a problem.

Pickups and In-House Repairs

We’ve rearranged our shop floor layouts to allow our technicians to keep working while maintaining a safe distance from one another. We can still pick up pumps or machinery you need fixed and bring it to our shop for repairs.  We can also bring you replacement pumps, motors, controls, and parts.

Although we’re all facing a lot of uncertainty over the next few weeks or even months, we want to assure you that you can continue to count on us. The entire Service Pump team thanks you for keeping our infrastructure in place and the backbone of our economy running. Stay safe, and know that your work is appreciated.