Sean Farrell, SPS’s resident professional engineer, shared his passion for clean water and his deep knowledge of water systems on the podcast "Break It Down for Brackens."

The Critical Role of Operators

Our On-Site Engineer Discusses Ins and Outs of Municipal Water Systems and Clean Water

Recently, Sean Farrell, SPS’s resident professional engineer, shared his passion for clean water and his knowledge of water systems on the podcast Break It Down for Brackens. Sean sat down with host Kevin Brackens to break down the mechanics of pumps, wastewater, and stormwater and highlight the work of water and wastewater operators.

In this episode of the Break It Down for Brackens podcast, our professional engineer, Sean, explains the critical role water operators play in keeping our communities running.

“We look around our towns and the people who serve us…you see a police officer or a firefighter and you know they’re serving our town. But I don’t think people generally look at their wastewater operators or their water plant operators or the crews that are out in the middle of the night. …The guys that are out at 3:00 AM making sure you have water… they are also really serving the community and are part of the core fabric of America.” 

-Sean Farrell

Farrell, a professional engineer and graduate of both Purdue University and Marshall University breaks down the typical path water takes before you turn on a faucet. He then dug into some of the most commonly asked questions about pumps and water systems. 

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