Service Pump and Supply carries Pumps 2000 products.

Everyone is asking us about these pumps. Here are 9 reasons why:

No matter the industry, Pumps 2000 AOD pumps can handle it all.

AOD (air-operated diaphragm) pumps are becoming more and more popular due to their versatility and durability. Pumps 2000 AOD pumps are one of the most in-demand product lines we carry — and for good reason.  

Here are 9 reasons we love their pumps: 

1. They last a really long time.

Pumps 2000 AOD pumps typically last 10-12 times longer than other types of pumps before requiring repairs. The Pumps 2000 team claims the pumps have no end-of-life, and they might be right. We haven’t yet encountered a Pumps 2000 AOD that was beyond repair.  

2. They’re simply and beautifully made. 

Pumps 2000 AOD pumps look almost like a form of modern art. Their patented minimal design includes as few wearable parts as possible — and that means there’s less that can go wrong. 

3. They’re efficient. 

Pumps 2000 models require significantly less airflow than most other brands, which can help save on energy costs and prevent them from stalling. 

4. They’re innovative. 

Almost every part of a Pumps 2000 pump is unique and patented. The engineers at Pumps 2000 have developed dozens of innovative solutions to address specific needs identified in the field. For example, their patented double-hinge diaphragms eliminate stress on the diaphragm when it flexes, which significantly increases the durability of the pump. Their patented ball and slurry valves are self-cleaning and capable of handling even the muckiest solids. And their patented main seal helps protect the shaft. 

5. They just keep working.

Pumps 2000 AOD pumps also feature patented long-lasting air motor components that are self-lubricating and wear-resistant. They never need lubricated, and they won’t stall or freeze. They’re also less sensitive to grit and debris that may accumulate in the airlines. 

6. They’re tough.

Pumps 2000 started by designing pumps specifically for the mining industry before expanding their product lines for other uses. So they put their designs to the test by building them for the toughest environments. These pumps were created to withstand corrosive fluids in underground mining environments while handling abrasive, solid-laden, and corrosive fluids. They have models for oil or fuel transfers in addition to water evacuation. All Pumps 2000 pumps are ATEX M2 certified, and the FRAS (flame retardant antistatic) pumps have the highest explosion-proof rating.

7. They’re versatile.

Pumps 2000 products designed their products for a variety of wastewater treatment operations, including neutralizing wastewater, Waste Activated Sludge (WAS), and Return Activated Sludge (RAS). In marine applications, the pumps can tackle everything from fuel, oil, and lubricant transfers to cargo clean-up and hazardous drain transfers. 

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8. They’re lightweight.

Pumps 2000 pumps are seriously lightweight, making them easy to place and move. That not only reduces the chance of neck and back injuries but also means you can get them where you need them — quickly. 

9. They’re quiet. 

Noise levels on Pumps 2000 AOD pumps are below 84 db, allowing them to be placed in a broader range of environments. 

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