SPS is proud to support women in manufacturing and industrial fields.

Unsung Heroes: Women in Manufacturing and Industrial Fields

From people who keep communities clean and sanitary to those who protect our waterways, we’ve been proud to highlight some of the unsung heroes of water this year. But we would be remiss if we didn’t spotlight a group whose tireless work is often overlooked and frequently takes place behind the scenes: women working in manufacturing and industrial fields.

The manufacturing and industrial sector has been — and continues to be — overwhelmingly male. And that’s a shame because we’re missing out on the diverse talents and perspectives having additional women in our workforce could offer.

At Service Pump, we’ve been lucky to employ talented women doing work ranging from sales to data analysis to welding. In fact, women have been key to Service Pump’s success since Barbara and Danny Vance founded the company in 1980. But we want to do more to help increase the number of women working in our industry. 

Why We Need More Women in Manufacturing and Industrial Fields  

Having people with diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences on teams makes companies stronger. And because women, historically, have made up such a small percentage of the industrial workforce, organizations that don’t hire women are losing an opportunity to think differently and gain a better sense of the big picture.

That’s why at Service Pump, we proactively recruit women for every department and level of the company. We are committed to creating mentoring and professional development opportunities, and we offer flexible work schedules to accommodate work/life needs for all our employees. We ensure there is no gender-related wage gap at Service Pump, and we proudly partner with local organizations like Step Up for Women.  

Though they are small in numbers, women have played a critical role in helping us build Service Pump over the past forty years. Standouts include Leonika Allen and Dawn Adkins, retired employees who helped make the company what it is today. Before her retirement in 2016, Leonika spent twelve years as an inside sales representative and repair coordinator. She was a no-nonsense influence in an often-boisterous shop atmosphere. Dawn Adkins, who recently retired after an illustrious 33-year career, brought high energy and an eye for detail to our front office. She was a skilled accounts receivable professional with an incredible commitment to serving customers.

Currently, a mighty crew of SPS women keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes. With roles in accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, IT, human resources, safety, compliance, and training, women are at the center of our operations. If you need help with just about anything administrative, you’re going to be talking to Deanna Coulter, Kim Williamson, or Suzanne House.

It takes a hard-working, flexible, and diverse team to make sure people have clean water. We’re proud of the women who choose to be on ours.

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