Got a sticky situation? Clean it up with SupaVac™!

SPS carries the SupaVac (TM) product line

Service Pump & Supply carries SupaVac™ to help you tackle your toughest jobs Got a really tough mess? We’ve got you covered! When it comes to cleaning up wastewater sludge or industrial or mining waste, you need the right pump for the job. Using an underpowered pump could end up costing you more in terms of both time and money.  …

Your Complete Guide to Maintaining Pump Systems

Pump Maintenance Guide

Proper maintenance can extend the life of your pumps and motors and prevent costly failures. Our step-by-step checklist will help your maintenance team build a consistent preventative maintenance schedule that will save you time and money.  Developing a Preventative Maintenance Plan for Your Pump Systems Step 1: Consult manufacturer’s guidelines Before undertaking maintenance on any particular pump system, consult the manufacturer’s …

The Vertical Turbine Pump: A Versatile Powerhouse

Vertical turbines are versatile workhorses. You may think of them for moving water from deep underground, and they are an excellent choice for deep wells and reservoirs. They also come in handy in a wide variety of other environments in the mining, oil and gas, industrial, and municipal industries.

Industry Week: Know your customers, industry 4.0 edition

Service Pump and Supply analytics

By mining their internal data on pump repairs, Service Pump is now able to predict when a customer’s pump is likely to fail and how much the customer is likely to spend operating a pump in their unique environment. They can also provide customized preventative maintenance plans and schedules to extend the lifetime of their customers’ products.

Freeze warning: 6 tips for keeping pumps and pipes safe

Tips for keeping pipes and pumps safe

6 Tips for Keeping Pumps and Pipes Safe in Winter: Brutal cold weather can be almost as hard on your pumps and pipes as it is on you! Check out these six tips to keep your water flowing and protect your equipment when temperatures fall below freezing.

Exponent Telegram: Service Pump uses technology to transform its business

Service Pump uses technology to transform its business

HUNTINGTON — When you go online and order from Amazon, you get quick delivery of the product you want. But Amazon does more than that. It uses your order history to offer other items you might like or need. Sometimes it even suggests products that might work better than the one you bought last time. You can even set up …

InformationWeek: Pumping up the SPS Customer Experience with Kenandy

SPS customer experiences have radically changed. SPS was serving one customer in particular recently that had hired SPS to conduct 100 pump repair calls to a variety of production sites. Because SPS now has all of the customer data in one accessible place (which can be viewed via a mobile device), SPS employees were able to provide the customer with …