Pump and Motor Shop

World Class Pump Shop

Our pump shop repairs and remanufactures pumps and related mechanical equipment from more than 50 OEM lines. In addition to rebuilding pumps at our regional locations, our skilled, experienced technicians also travel to onsite locations for difficult installation and repair services.

With a dedication to quality, our mechanics complete extensive training in pump systems analysis, bearing installation, lubrication systems, and condition monitoring technologies. They continuously cross-train, increasing the team’s versatility and ensuring the best service for every customer.

The pump shop team is the heart of operations at Service Pump & Supply. Their understanding of pump systems and their ongoing collaboration with other departments allow us to create comprehensive pumping solutions and respond quickly to customer emergencies.

Pump Shop Services and Capabilities

  • Repair and return to factory specifications
  • Root cause failure analysis
  • Comprehensive testing capabilities
  • In-house machine shop
  • SKF TIH 030m induction heater
  • Goff 60TB shot blast machine
  • JRI PCS-5060 cleaning system
  • 5S Lean Production Quality System
  • Engineering redesign/recommendations:
    • Improve mean time between failures (MTBF)
    • Correct misapplications
    • Improve system operation

On-Site Services

Certified EASA and UL Motor Shop

Our motor shop annually repairs or remanufactures more than 400 motors, including fractional horsepower single-phase motors up to 2,000 HP along with AC and DC medium voltage horizontal and vertical models.

We use inverter duty wire & class H insulation and coat our motors with epoxy resin using a vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) system.

Pump Motor Shop

Motor Shop Services and Capabilities

  • Dynamometer load testing
  • Core loss testing
  • Laser alignment
  • Vibration analysis
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Electric motor exchange program
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Predictive Maintenance Program
  • UL Certified Motor Rewind Shop
  • 4×4 VPI tank using epoxylite 478 resin
  • Samatic SA600
  • Surge/HiPot/Resistance/Polarization Index Tester
  • SKF Static Motor Analyzer Baker DX (R,PI,DA,STEP VOLTAGE,DC,HI POT)
  • 600 amp/600 volt test panel
  • 5x5x5 bake oven

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SPS is among the first in the industry to provide our customers with a Predictive Maintenance Program (PMP) based on in-depth analysis of information gathered from pump repairs. 

What causes my pumps to fail? Do my pumps fail more often than other companies' in my industry? How can I prevent pump failures?

We crunch the numbers to answer these questions and more for our customers.

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