Unsung Heroes: Hospital Workers

Thank you to the men and women who keep hospitals running in uncertain times.

Now more than ever, hospital workers are on the front lines keeping us safe. That includes hospital facilities and maintenance managers.

Quality Obsessed.

SPS's custom-built 30,000 gallon test pit/surge tank ensures mechanical and electrical integrity in the pumps we build and repair.

From our 30,000-gallon test pit to warranty protection, quality is the core of everything we do. Our pump repair team guarantees it will be fixed right.

Unsung Heroes: The Army Corps of Engineers

Ohio River Valley

Unsung Heroes: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers When we think of “heroes,” members of the armed services frequently come to mind — and for good reason. But there are also thousands of military and civilian men and women serving our nation every day by protecting us from natural disasters and other local threats.  These individuals don’t often make the …

Monty Fulton: Someone Who Exemplifies Putting “Service First”

Pictured: Monty Fulton

Monty Fulton, Someone Who Truly Exemplifies “Putting Service First” Monty Fulton claims to have retired from Service Pump & Supply in 2013. But the fact that he’s no longer on the regular payroll is merely a technicality.  He’s still an active and valuable part of the Service Pump family. In fact, he’s perhaps our best example of the whole-hearted service …

Free Training Workshops

Free Pump Training Classes

Free Training Workshops At Service Pump & Supply, we’ve learned a lot in 40 years. In celebration of our anniversary, we want to share some of that knowledge and continue our tradition of putting service first. So we recently launched a new training series to help water and wastewater professionals advance their skills.  We are excited to announce the following …

Our Founder, Danny Vance | 40 Great Things About Service Pump & Supply

Danny Vance, Service Pump & Supply Founder

Celebrating Our Founder, Danny Vance Danny Vance is, by his own admission, a cocky guy.  “I’m an independent sort of cuss, and I was sort of cocky about my abilities. I probably thought I could do anything.”  That swagger, he said, fueled his desire to start his own company. And in 1980, he did. He launched Service Pump & Supply …