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Service Pump & Supply's

WaterWork Foundation

Service Pump and Supply’s WaterWork Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, helps local communities access clean water, remove wastewater, and manage stormwater.

"Over the years, we've helped thousands of customers across Appalachia. We proudly work together to solve water problems and ensure they have the water they need to work, live, and play in their communities. However, we realize that fixing water infrastructure issues when they break isn't enough. We need to address the root causes of water problems to build a more sustainable future," said Patrick Farrell, SPS owner and President.

“Time and again, we see communities decimated by flooding, or struggling to deliver clean water to citizens. These are solvable problems, and we’re committed to fixing them.”

The WaterWork Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting the people who maintain our water infrastructure through advocacy, awareness, education, service projects, and consulting services. For more information, call 1 (800) 480-7867.

Our Service Areas:
  • Advocacy
  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Service Projects
  • Consulting

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